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I first went to easy home for a sofa in November 2015. It was delivered Dec 2015. First problem, it was not the couch I ordered. I was told it was being ordered and would be delivered in Feb 2016. I started calling to inquirer about the correct couch in Feb when I hadn't heard anything from them, finally in April they responded with having my "red" couch. Second problem, I didn't order a red couch! Maria (the employee) was upset trying to... Read more

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So I have made payments to Easyhome in Saint John NB for months now. I was promised a huge discount of 50% off all my stuff from a scratch promotion they had going. My discount was never applied. When I looked into it, they said I had to own the furniture for 3 months before it is applied. 3 months goes by and nothing, now they tell me 6 months. I am paying out the *** for this stuff and then I had a car accident and fell behind and they... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 15
  • #937298

stay away from the lethbridge store! melody is the manager and she is rude to customers and treats her staff like ***. I have never in all my life of customer service have seen anyone so mean and cruel. when you try to talk to head office they go to her and she throws it back in your face and wants all the furniture back. stay as far away from this company as you can! run!

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 12
  • #935649

Threatning me with charges if i didnt pay well its simply 1. Cant pay if im n jail and 2. Cant pay if it was smashed up in a car wreck dumb assed. By the way i know my rights.

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This shauntaza wheeler ive been threw easyhome for 3years i had a bedroom set at the location on 39th an macarthur an my place i had moved from because a flood damaged my bedroom set tge manager told me that it would be brand new lied to me about being new he went to kansas missiour to pick up another one that one was damaged an broken im not verg happy about that so it would be nice if i can get a phone cal back 4058814834 Read more

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Watch out for this company , first they had a great sale and processing fees , I took advantage of this part . I picked up used bedroom set and schedule delivery for Tuesday at 2 to 3 pm in Port Dover . All good until first thing I notice when I was going to pay the bill online it said 74 weeks not that advertise 52 weeks I agree on , I called said no it said 52 weeks forget it I wont take it , bal bal apology ill fix it for you . I made the... Read more

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I've heard about "Easy Home" from a friend, who has been dealing with the Company for quite a while, and must say extremely content with the products and services. In the beginning so was I; until I decided to get a "kitchen table" that I needed. With having this table delivered to my house I noticed marks and scrapes on top, clearly visibable. I email pics and called the manager, during our conversation I was told that he was going to purchase... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 15
  • #919521

Eazy Home does not stand by their name. I paid off my furniture early and wanted them to fix a handle to my couch, they told me I had to finish paying the insurance even though I had been paying the insurance for two years. Why was I paying insurance if it did not cover the product!

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they are being rude to me also they got smart with me and they wont let me rent from there because of my pass and i dont think it is right about that i have the money and everything to pay for it i would like to get a tv from them and pay every week for it and they just keep getting smart with me and i just dont think it is right for them to do that to me at all i would like to talk to a person that would talk to them do i can rent... Read more

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Just great atmosphere and really great staff. Would recommend to anyone. I know not all stores are the same so if you are going to use easyhome, use this one. I went in for a TV with a budget and they ended up getting me the TV and a laptop for under my budget. They were totally willing to work with me and get me everything i want. The store was so clean and set up nice. I couldnt even believe the service and everything else. The girls there are... Read more

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