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Easyhome - Paying for a bed that we dont have anymore and a bed that has no warranty...
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We got a bed from Easyhome and a few months later we got bed bugs. We called Easyhome ( Store #202, 9104-118th Ave, Edmonton) They told us to throw the bed out and when the bed bugs were gone, they would give us a new bed. We called them when we were free of bedbugs and they gave us an old junky uncomfortable bed. ( not worth the money we are paying ) The store told us we still need to pay for the old bed because we were on contract. Now, we are... Read more

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I have filed a complaint against this business with the Indiana Attorney General for them saving my credit card in their system and running it without my permission. They caused my account to overdraft and refused to reverse the payment or to pay the overdraft fees. We are ordered to go to mediation and they have yet to respond. I have told them I cannot receive calls at my workplace. They have three telephone numbers: cell, home, and work... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 29
  • #963332

Been waiting on a phone call from the regional manager for 2 weeks for an issue with things being stolen and store harrasing manager is harrasing me and my familly now call was suppose to come within 2 bisness days

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 21
  • #959251

Bed beg issues kcks (77th & State Ave)

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Easyhome has been harassing me lately and I am a bit late to pay a bill nonetheless, but still.... I had opened an account with an address I was going to move to and ended up changing my mind and moving somewhere else which is where they brought the furniture. However, they have called me twice a day and then proceeded to call the landlord of that place I was THINKING about moving into, and disclosing my info to them and asking if I live there.... Read more

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I only been with easy home for 2 months, but sence day one had nothing but problems with their services, their storys being changed, not tell me the correct information ( I was told about it down the road) confusion, and some course language. When i got my furniture delivered to my house, their was damage to my door frame from the people that brought it in, no regards to my house, just didnt care. Im very pissed off and have absouloutly... Read more

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I ordered furniture and waited over 10 weeks to get it and when it arrived at the store . the manager told me if I waited that long ,I must can wait a week and a day for the delivery putting my wait time over 11 weeks and a day. Terrible customer service and even after ordering a lot of products, they never even gave me a free gift. I also ordered furniture that was sent used and with holes and went flat the next week and when they delivered my... Read more

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I took two of my laptops in to be check out to see what wrong with them.this was in february of this year at the time one of them still had warranty n i also pay them cash money to start repair. I not hear nothing fron them or repair for over seven month and bdhold when i went in around middle of september they say still wait on part a d one of them had virus n could not be fixed that it was too old hold i bought those compuer from them they was... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 02
  • #947812

Conplete rip off. I wouldnt send my worst enemy to them Tamika william( illinois)

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This company are scammers. They rent things to you so they can get away with criminal lawsuits. What they do is they advertise ~29% interest, but in fact you pay anywhere from 55-400% interest. How they get away with this is they set their prices WAY above MSRP, then charges you 29% interest. Then, you "rent" the product to avoid any legal issues. Of course, they are extremely dodgy at this, will harass you day one you're late on a payment, will... Read more

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