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I've heard about "Easy Home" from a friend, who has been dealing with the Company for quite a while, and must say extremely content with the products and services. In the beginning so was I; until I decided to get a "kitchen table" that I needed. With having this table delivered to my house I noticed marks and scrapes on top, clearly visibable. I email pics and called the manager, during our conversation I was told that he was going to purchase... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 15
  • #919521

Eazy Home does not stand by their name. I paid off my furniture early and wanted them to fix a handle to my couch, they told me I had to finish paying the insurance even though I had been paying the insurance for two years. Why was I paying insurance if it did not cover the product!

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they are being rude to me also they got smart with me and they wont let me rent from there because of my pass and i dont think it is right about that i have the money and everything to pay for it i would like to get a tv from them and pay every week for it and they just keep getting smart with me and i just dont think it is right for them to do that to me at all i would like to talk to a person that would talk to them do i can rent... Read more

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Just great atmosphere and really great staff. Would recommend to anyone. I know not all stores are the same so if you are going to use easyhome, use this one. I went in for a TV with a budget and they ended up getting me the TV and a laptop for under my budget. They were totally willing to work with me and get me everything i want. The store was so clean and set up nice. I couldnt even believe the service and everything else. The girls there are... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 09
  • #897384

The Room Place is a bunch of liars they are very rude it don't make no sense they told us we can switch our couches for a sectional been waiting 5 months to to replace a back on one of our couches they told us we can switch for a sectional now all of a sudden we don't get a sectional they just fixed it back why do you tell people you're going to do something if your not that don't make any since

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 06
  • #895859

It's a shame to walk into a store and not see a soul for about 15 to 20 mins, and when u do they act like u ruined their day ! it b nice to get employees with a good attitude !! Feeling like ur going to punch Someone b4 walking out the door is never good, it's a shame u have ppl working for ur company like that it's now how I see the whole company !! Discuss !!!!

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Easyhome in Bristol Va./Kingsport Tn - Horrible Company!! Very corrupt and VERY dishonest, to the customers and his employees. Will run your credit card without approval, will lease furniture back out without cleaning it and even steals from their employees. Do not give these crooks your money for old ratty nasty bug infested furniture. If you are looking for RTO, Aarons is your best bet. I have worked for them and seen it all first hand. Pretty... Read more

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My husband and I are rent to owning a living room set. The day day we went toget everything set up we stated that we wanted to have payments set for every 2 weeks. Guy said ok and took our payment to start but never set for every 2 wks. Easyhome calls and bugs you before payments are due. My husband and I were out of state due to his father passing away and easyhome could not understand we couldnt come in to make a payment that it would be a... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 28
  • #890274

Shampoo machine is not working

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Son orderded a mattress and box spring...was told at the time it was a used mattress i said there is NO WAY we are making payments on a used mattress set..sales girl chipped in and said but we sell bed bug covers...i said thats nice but NO thanks...i said was shocked they sell used mattress with bed bug infestations rampid right Son paid $75 for paper work to order a brand new one changed his mind because he felt uneasy that who is to... Read more

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