Easyhome Laptop Repair Reviews

I took two of my laptops in to be check out to see what wrong with them.this was in february of this year at the time one of them still had warranty n i also pay them cash money to start repair. I not hear nothing fron them or repair for over seven month and bdhold when i went in around middle of september they say still wait on part a d one of them had virus n could not be fixed that it was too old hold i bought those compuer from them they was...
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I had a computer through easyhome, it was fully paid off and I had been using it to start up a small on the side photography business. I decided to upgrade my computer to windows 10 as the update was available. I was able to use the computer for 2-3 days then the whole thing locked up and a message came up saying my computer was reported as stolen and that I had 24 hours to contact the portland street Dartmouth store! NO worries I called them...
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I didn't like
  • How i am still fighting 8 months later
  • Lied to my management at local store
  • Lied to my district manager