I have been renting from easyhome now for about 6 months I have quite a bit of equipment and have always paid on time.Recently I have had to attend a funeral out of the province told them I would return and pay them.

While out of province was assaulted had 3 teeth broken and had to deal with the police. They have showed not an ounce of caring, I do understand they are a business but I am paying triple on everything. I had not returned yet and they were at my house 2-3 times a day filling my answering machine harassing my neighbours this is embarassing.

I would call them back speak to someone half decent explain everything and they would tell me to come in as soon as I get back.I can't deal with the harassment when I get back they can pick up everything and get nothing!!!!

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New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada #1289019

Easyhome 107 king george Surrey BC accountant Arlee acts so unprofessional in the way that she phones family of a client and begs for the money what ever happen to privacy not only that she calls 8:00 am and rings and rings then when you answer shes crying for the money and making threats about wages being garnished what happen to the logo we work with our customers like *** you do not with a rude employer calling family not even the person that has the debt gets a call nor even a letter .. I dont why they always say nothing down its surely not the truth you do pay and believe me its not cheap shop around cause easyhome is not what they say ..

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1067433

They hire 2time felons for theft botboth time .One was theft of 5000 to 20000 by way of a customercustomer credit card used for payment.

Her name April dawn Armstrong was at Jacksonville ark location but to now in Jones boro ark. Sleeping with reiganal manager David Smith uses daughters SS number to get around background.

If anyone has an email I can use for someone at Corp.Baxter72012@gmail.com thanks!


I have been sworn at and they smashed the window in my house banging on it.They swore and threatened my kids.

I work at a work camp and pay them once a month when I get back.I am going to buy some furniture and they can have this *** back

to Anonymous Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada #1122104

They r doing the same to me, easy home sucks

Barrie, Ontario, Canada #995996

Easy home in Barrie Ontario thinks they are the Mob I'm not going to put up with Jeff Robertson swearing at and putting down my 105 lb wife come to my house and try that *** and see where it gets you.

to Anonymous Barrie, Ontario, Canada #1010707

go to his home or call him directly!!! (905) 235-1724

1724 87 Thompson Dr Holland Landing . jeff robertson is a scammer

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #994427

So here I go again..someone named JC from easy financial called me today, and had the nerve to offer me a 800.00 credit and then another 100.00 credit and the first months free??Are you kidding me?

There is something wrong with what I was charged, and I would never deal with a easyhome store again!!!! Give me what the easyhome store over charged me, not credit in any of your stores. Again I would like to say to all easy home clients, please what what they are charging you, ask for the payment readout, and make sure they are not charging you late fees, when you pay your bill. They charged me a late fee, for not paying my bill by January 1st.

There stores are not open then, its new years day. Anything to get more money out of people who low income, under the poverty line. Makes me sick to my guts!!!!!!

So now they own me $10.00 with interest for the last four years.Let's just see what there response will be!!


This morning Sherry(head office) district manger, called and we went over my payment readout.Well I have more question s now????...when you purchase a item from easy home and pay the taxes(which she didn't know what amount of tax I had been taxed.

Wow...anyway when u add up the lease amount, the implicit finance charge and taxes and other premiums for optional policies it comes up to a high amount for a weekly payment.... But they only put the amount of the periodic payment towards your balance. So say your periodic payment is $22.00 a week, then you have 2 different taxes charge.

They only amount going against your balance is that $22.00.They charde you taxes but it is put towards your balance..I don't know about anybody else, but that does not make sence.....more question to be answered.......how do people get jobs if they don't know what tax people are suppose to be taxed


So had a conversion with a person from head office of easy home, this person I have a more than one conversion with....they told me to get someone with more smarts, to help me to understand my payment read out!!!But when trying to have the conversion about my account, the person from head office(regional manager), never even had any of papers, files, or one piece of information about me.

This tells me, they do not care about there clients that have bought the product,i was told that she would go as far to call the police and have me charged with harassment....that just did it for me.....I can not express to other families please get a payment read out, and make sure, that they tell you what the taxes you are being taxed, and look close and ask questions if you are not sure.....like I said before,,,BUYER BEWRE.

And I did a little outside pricing, and there are some nice store that do the same as easy home, buy they will take the time to tell what taxes and what you will be paying every month, if that is how you choose.Do your homework on places like easy home, I hate the fact the they rip low income families.....SHAME

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #972181

Anyone paying monthly, needs to get a payment read out of there account and make sure they r not double taxing you.They have done it too me for 2 years.

I have complained to everyone from the store to the complaint department. You will get no where, they have a reason for everything, but lucky for me I kept all papers.

I can see how they did.So please look at your monthly bill and make sure they r not taxing you on your monthly payment, because you already charged the taxes for weekly payments

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