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Purchased a computer through Employee Purchases. This is where employees purchase new products and have payments deducted from paycheck.

Available through Easy Home Financial and Easy Home. Received Dec. 2013. Paid in full of summer 2014.

Got this message in May 2016. Was told I had a virus and that is why it came up. But This Easy home security software should never been put on my computer to start with. My tech could not repair it because of EH software.

Took it in for the second time to the store as the computer could not be fixed without it having the EH software removed. Was told it would be sent out to be done right away. After a week I called for an update. I called several times with the response that "I will get the manager to call you back." Never a call back.

Went into the store and was told manager out on deliveries. Still more promises of call back. Finally caught manager at store was told after being on hold for 15 minutes. He said Computer had EH software removed.

But it might show up again because the computer still had the virus. (WTF??????) and it was being couriered to their store. That was Thursday June 16th. Went in on Sat.

the 18th. No computer but will call me back (Even promised!! lol) Monday morning. No word.

So I stopped in again on Wednesday. Nothing, no computer, no idea about it and Manager on delivery where there is no cell service to call him. Regional manager on vacation and can not call him. Can call head office but have learned through past experience that they DO NOT deal with customers issues.

They pass you off to Regional Manager and he has 3 days to call you and they do not consider the day you call as day one. (Great way to do business!!!) I found out that 3 days are needed for the Regional Manager to pass the message to the store manager. Remember him the guy that doesn't return calls!!!! And so today I went in as I still have not heard anything.

No one in the store knew anything. Manager was called as he was out on the road again. He was advised that I was there along with the status of a couple customers that have not been in to pay their account. So much for privacy of the customers.

(really think they should invest in mystery shoppers. They will either be shocked at how their business is run or they already know and tolerate such disgusting business practices. Ethics is not a virtue there!!) I would post this complain with BBB but guess what? They are not a member!!

Surprise!!! So here I am still waiting for the Manager to call Head Office and call me back on Monday.

I tried to be patient but that ship has sailed. Next step: MEDIA.

This person wrote the review because of damaged or defective of a product or service from Easyhome and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $600 and wants Easyhome to "sent me my computer. without easy home software. and not reformatted. i need the info on that computer!!!! i expressed that this was time sensitive as my daughter needed photos from this computer for her graduation which has since come and gone!!".

The most disappointing in user's experience was horrible customer service, never return calls, pass the buck and blame others and customer accts discussed in from of other cust. Author liked the most some staff. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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