This is what they do to a single mother ! They try kicking my door down looking they my mail slot yelling coming all thru the day/night posing things all over my door and Windows and leaving there trash at my front door being disrespectful

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Cambridge, Ontario, Canada #1220153

They wouldn't be doing this if your paying your account


did you just point out to everyone reviewing this site, that the person living there does not pay their bills or respond to polite attempts to get them to either pay, or return the merchandise at no further cost to them? wow, maybe all potential purveyors of consumer goods should take note of this house number

to Anonymous #1048877

Your dumb. Harrassment to the fullest here.

This is a company...

More like crack heads coming to the dealers door and the dealer not home.

What an embarrassment.

to Anonymous #1052404

if u do send them back u still get punished for it so what u say is a total lie easy home disrepectful people they hold others account against u just because it was deliever to your address and the person that sign for product moves out they still hound the ones that live there even thou it has nothing to do with them and then hold against them later when they decided to rent anything from them

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